What is the Purpose of this Master’s Programme?

When creating this Master’s Program, it was important for ACCIONA that all Business Units, a range of Countries and Project Management Roles were represented to make the program diverse and dynamic, but also to challenge participants ideas, broaden perspectives on ACCIONA as a whole, and make stronger internal business networks. By doing this we get a greater understanding of our Business Model and the entire project life-cycle between all of our Business Units.

The first edition IMPA’s Attendees are talented Project Leaders, from all Business Units of our Infrastructure division, from all over the world.

4 key objectives for ACCIONA






Global Thinking

Broaden participants perspectives on the opportunities to improve in all areas of Project Management and to think of ACCIONA not only in their country of origin but on a global scale.


Give participants the opportunity to learn in a dynamic, but exclusive environment, of only 21 ACCIONA professionals.

Growing Networks

Allow participants to share their knowledge and skills by collaborating with trusted peers, whilst building valuable networks.

Take part in a transformational Journey

Allow participants to construct the macro-framework and change agents that will be able to build better systems and processes.

Inspire your Peers

Give participants the knowledge and tools to form alignments, passion and commitment within their teams, and to minimise any barriers to success.

Excel in your work

Give participants the ability to break through complexity and set a clear course for growth.

Programme Structure