Goals / content

Digital Content Pre-Work

Ensure that attendants receive a complete overview of the Project management keys in each Module.

Prepare the attendants to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the live webinars and ensure that they take advantage of the interaction with the professor.

Video Pills Training

Facilitate high impact messages that need to be remembered and that are related to key results of the Project or areas of improvement.

Help attendees with visual tools to consolidate the learning process.

2 videos for each Unit.

Live Webinars Collaborative Experience

Collaborative learning: share the experience of each professor with the attendants, as well as the lessons learned, in order to ensure that a structured knowledge management process is developed.

Business Case Discussion

Collaborative learning: through the resolution of business case per each unit.

The attendants must have solved the case through the platform, and they will present different solutions for the challenges.

The professor will also use these Live Webinars to assess the degree of commitment and work of each future key Project Director.


A professional leader in the Infrastructure sector or an international expert professor in one of the businesses of our Division will transfer to the attendants an innovative and different vision of each master’s degree module.


It is based on the study of the contents of the Subjects, through the Virtual Campus, where you perform Self-Assessment Test and Practical cases for the overcoming of the modules, following a Tutorial Action Plan led by expert educational advisors in the subject to be taught, and a Pedagogical and Dynamizing Team, who will advise you academically to get the most out of your training.

Academic Excellence

Based on its own model that provides students with a unique training experience based on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values.


IMF Business School has a Campus, technologically advanced. This Campus is equipped with the most innovative digital tools that allows the attendants to have a more productive learning and optimizes all their effort.

Aviable 24/7

This methodology allows them to combine their studies with their family life, their work and their leisure time, in addition to giving them the freedom to prepare their own schedule based on their commitments. They can manage your time and decide their own pace of study.

Unlimited tutorials

The tutor is a counselor, a facilitator, the responsible of the progress. He is available to solve the doubts. The tutor is in permanent contact with the attendants.

Programme Structure
Faculty Profile